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Immediate, Root Analogue (RAI) Custom Made, Ceramic,

Tooth Replacement Implant Solutions.

Much more than just to copy or replicate a tooth!

Starting already at 2004, BioImplant™ is the world’s first – and only – custom milled, fully ceramic, truly anatomic, root analogue, immediate dental implant (RAI) which can be placed without any surgery. BioImplant™ does not just replicate a tooth 1:1 (a simple copy of the root fails in most cases), but provides an individual surface based on the “Principle of Differentiated Osseointegration” (patented), in addition with the roughest surface  in the dental implant industry (patented), delivering a speedy and enhanced osseointegration. Implant production is done by segmentation of the CT/DVT and in case of severe artifacts from the extracted tooth or even from an impression of the tooth-socket.

In contrast to conventional screw implant systems, which only restore a lost root of a tooth in function, BioImplant is the only immediate tooth replacement system that completely restores a hopeless tooth,  in color and shape leading to the best functional and aesthetic results world wide.

Unbelievable censorship on Wikipedia

Wikipedia censors the scientific summary of root analogue dental implants with trials and error over the past 50 years supported by 16 scientific papers published in international Top Journals by different research teams all over the world by simply deleting the entire history of root analogue dental implants from Wikipedia.

For those interested in a brief overview of RAI, the method, advantages and disadvantages, and the history, with the most important scientific publications, can follow the link to EverybodyWikis Root Analogue Dental Implants (RAI), the much better Wikipedia, as it is not censored in the interest of the industry.

The reader can witness the censorship on Wikipedia by simply following the link to the Web Archive  “Root Analogue dental Implants” on Wikipedia (Could take a few seconds since 384 billion pages are stored on web archive).

Link to the Wikipedia article in PDF Format  for instant reading and download.

The worst thing an encyclopedia can do is intentionally falsify history through censorship and thus cheat people and sell them for stupid.

Dear Wikipedia shame on you:

Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech. -Albert Einstein

Update: Since April 2021 the original article on Wikipedia can be accessed again via Wikipedia.

Root analogue dental Implant on Wikipedia

We will see for how long …..

Major implant manufacturers and their recruited dental experts located mainly at dental associations and University clinics are even after 15 years  completely unaware and remain ignorant (!) regarding this most innovative, simple and logic CAD/CAM dental implant solution, even this tooth replacement solution can be understood at first sight by anyone with basic school education or healthy common sense. (see Semmelweis reflex).

Because of this unbelievable unscientific and even more unethical ignorant behavior to a non-surgical implant solution BioImplant™ is unfortunately still only available in Vienna/Austria.

It is obvious not possible to discuss a non-surgical implant replacement system with dental surgeons making money with multiple, invasive and risky surgeries and by teaching confusing drilling protocols and inconsistently surgical guidelines at congresses. History will make a judgement on such unbelievable ignorant “scientists” to the disadvantage of all general dentists and their patients in need of a quick and plain, straight forward immediate tooth replacement solution.

Patients need a simple and logic non-surgical implant solution and not implant butcheries with risky drilling and unnecessary cadaver bone fillings.

The leading edge “simply fit” technology simplifies the implant placement procedure to such an extent that it is impossible to make it simpler or less invasive. Our immediate dental implants can be placed absolutely non-surgical in less than one minute by any general dentist. Any bet that you cannot make less than gently take out the rotten tooth and gently push in an implant that just perfectly fits your personal hard and soft tissue situation. Absolutely no need for drilling healthy bone or filling voids.

This most innovative method is simple, logical, and non-surgical, with no metal ever showing leading to an esthetic failure. Such a guarantee will never be given by any dentists or companies using titanium screw-type implants or simple by replicating your tooth in titanium. In the last 50 years, screw type implants have shown no or just little innovation, ending up with +250 dental screw implant companies and +4000 screw variations.

Unfortunately, even with 15 years’ follow-up, this fast, gentle, most natural and aesthetic treatment is exclusively available for the discerning patient in Vienna/Austria, but we are working hard to find investors to bring this implant solution to your dentist wherever you are living.

Nearest To Nature

Our custom milled anatomic implants replicate the natural form and color of your tooth, so it simply fits into the tooth socket. And just like your original tooth, BioImplant™ comes in single- and multi-rooted forms.


Zirconia is metal free and has the best biocompatibility of any implant material currently available. We never ever simply replicate a tooth in metal.

No Drilling/Cadaver bone

No drilling or surgery, or cadaver bone, is necessary. You never need a sinus lift. The implant is quickly placed with the simplest tools in less than one minute.


Gently placed into a tooth socket immediately or the next day after tooth removal. Injury to neighbor roots, nerves or sinus is impossible.


The all-ceramic structure closely resembles a natural tooth in color. You’ll never experience discoloration, as commonly seen with titanium screw type implants or a replicate of the tooth in titanium.

Simple and Logical

We use your existing tooth socket, and always adapt the implant to you – never the other way around. No operation is needed because the implant just fits you!

Why is BioImplant™ Unique?

Watch these amazing 1 minute immediate
incisor implant placement videos.

Each BioImplant™ is fully metal-free and specially customized to perfectly fit only you (it’s as unique as your fingerprint). As it is a optimized root-form it is much more than just to copy or simply replicate of a tooth 1:1. Since it exactly fills the gap left after your tooth is extracted, in most cases you don’t need any surgery.

The treatment (currently only available in Vienna) consists of three simple steps:

  • pre op CT/DVT scan, implant construction, 5-axis milling;
  • careful tooth extraction;
  • immediate implant placement (same day or on the next day depending on your personal situation);

Recovery time is very fast as neither soft nor hard tissue is traumatized; regularly the day after implant placement there will be no swelling, bruising or pain. After 8-12 weeks healing period, the final crown may be fitted by your dentist.

Watch these amazing 1 minute immediate premolar/molar implant placement videos.

BioImplant™ provides a natural dental implant in form and colour which perfectly matches your extraction socket

Every tooth is unique, with a corresponding unique tooth socket

natural tooth, extraction socket ready for zirconia implantAfter a tooth is pulled, there is a unique irregular extraction socket, with sometimes up to four roots.

An implant surgeon makes you fit an ‘off the shelf’ screw with drilling healthy bone and filling voids

dental implant tooth socket

A common dental implant screw can’t fit a naturally irregular tooth socket – the bone must be drilled and filled with cadaver/bovine bone or bone substitutes before the implant can be screwed in. Drilling healthy bone leads to severe alteration of the anatomy.

BioImplant “simply fits” and therefore the anatomic implant is placed without surgery

BioImplant™ is a ceramic dental implant that fits the tooth socket perfectly, and is placed without any surgery, leaving the anatomy undisturbed. It’s the most natural esthetic alternative to a real tooth.

Our patients come to us not for surgery, but for an exclusive solution.

Of all dental implant companies, we alone provide a modern, ceramic, fully metal free, non-surgical solution for an artificial surgical problem.

Now that everything else in dentistry is produced using modern computerized CAD/CAM technology, why not implants? No serious argument against this has ever been entered into by any dental expert in the last 12 years: why not use such modern technology to avoid surgery? Obviously implant industry and their recruited experts prefer this situation and that is the reason why they are still completely unaware on root analogue dental implants. But at the same time, many general dentists and their patients are open to modern technology and genuinely interested in a non-surgical metal-free immediate implant solution (see the overwhelming feedback from dentists and patients on our BioImplant Facebook page).

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  -Abraham Lincoln

A simple titanium screw type implant means a lot of surgery. A hi-tech custom made ceramic implant, that simply fits your body means no surgery.

The better the implant fits you, the less surgery you have to expect. Yet not a single dental association in the world has ever delivered one reasonable argument as to why not; inexplicably, they won’t even consider joining the scientific research into this root analogue implant solution. No one can argue against this logical access to immediate implantology.

Industry likes simple titanium screws in every conceivable variation.

In reality titanium screw implants are very cheap as they are easy to produce, but generate a lot of risky surgery (and money). The implant industry profits hugely from making you fit the implant, and not the implant simply fit you. This is why just screw implants and their prosthetic parts alone cost as much as a high-end smartphone. Additional profits come from sales of bone or bone substitutes, drilling kits, drilling guides, membranes and teaching dentists complicated guidelines.

Dental implant organisations and their experts really like titanium screws in immediate implant cases because they simply mean more surgery. More surgery means more money.

As well as cost of the implant, there are additional costs for the accompanying surgery and associated risks, and the system of tooling and training that has grown up around it. Industry experts like to deliver expensive training courses, teaching the dentist drilling sequences and guidelines, and troubleshooting.

Patients certainly don’t like surgery.

We are calling on you, as a patient or dentist, to help elevate dental implantology from the stone age. Ignorance over 10 years is proof that the unintelligent from industry recruited drill and fill expert system can’t change itself; it must be changed from outside – by patients and hard-working general dentists who serve their patients with the best possible solution they can offer without any surgical risks.

As a patient, please make your dentist aware of BioImplant™, spread the news on social media, or see our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

If you are a dentist who is truly interested in this new field of implantology, you are welcome to contact us so we can inform you when we start with our first roll-out. Be part of the paradigm shift. Be a game changer. This technical solution opens the door to a cheaper and more efficient treatment for you and your patients.

A real revolution always comes from the people who no longer want to get screwed by a system and the few people who profit from it. The scientific output of 60 years of osseointegration research is simple that any of the approximately 3500 screw variations on the market will heal in if the dental surgeon is able to make you fit the screw he preferred.

Anyway, you’re still welcome to come to Vienna if you’re in need of an implant solution, or if you’re a dentist who just wants to see or hear more about BioImplant™. But our goal is to bring this to your family dentist so that you need not travel internationally.


What’s Wrong With Screw-Type Implants?

Implant companies won’t tell you that screw-type implants are highly unnatural in form and color, and – most importantly – that they don’t even fit the tooth socket.

Even a single-rooted tooth is nearly twice as wide in one direction as in the other. A cylindrical screw implant cannot fit into a tooth socket without invasive surgery, such as:

  • Drilling into healthy bone;
  • Filling gaps between implant and bone either with bone or bone substitutes;
  • Sinus lift procedures, with all their invasive consequences…
  • Titanium screws are prone to periimplantitis and plaque accumulation leading to further interventions.

This technology has not progressed significantly in 60 years, leading to over a thousand screw type variations, instead of real innovation. Present immediate dental implant procedures are unnecessarily invasive, expensive, and inefficient, and esthetic outcome is highly unpredictable. To get a brief overview of the unbelievable variety of dental implants, just visit OSSEOsource or MedicalExpo.

We hope you are not paralyzed by choice – or do you know which implant fits you best? Don’t worry, your dentist will make you fit to any screw he has on his shelf, with some surgery…

What’s wrong with root fillings?

Most teeth have more than one canal. With a root canal treatment, the tooth will be lost if there is a single failure in any one of the roots. So, for example, treatment may be 90% successful for one canal, but if you have three or more canals, the possibility for failure will be summed. If there is failure in one canal, the whole tooth is at risk. Therefore, treatment must be successful in all canals. (It’s comparable to a car with only one flat tyre: it won’t drive far!)

Even if a root canal treatment works, some bacteria always remains in the tooth; hopefully this is capped by the root filling.

BioImplant™ is the alternative to root canals. Currently, the success rate is 90%, but this will improve with better technology and if the indication is narrowed. Even so, if you want to avoid any toxic root canal fillings and residual bacteria, it’s always better than root canal treatment.