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After 12 years of successful use in our clinic, BioImplant™ is still custom made and only available in Vienna. So the next step is to make this implant solution generally available.

The sophisticated form and surface alterations are much more than just to replicate a tooth as anyone can copy mill a tooth.


A real revolution is the only way to get this treatment to you, your family, and friends. A revolution from patients, for patients. We are sooner or later more or less all patients.


Crowdfunding is the only way for us to achieve it as dental communities are absolutely ignorant over 12 years even anyone with common sense or at least with basic school education can state:

“This makes a lot of sense”.


Our task is to create a fully digital system to provide these implants worldwide over the web, quickly and cheaply, with just 3 simple steps:


  1. Your dentist uploads your 3D X-ray scan; Segmentation of the CT scan.
  2. Wait 48 hours while the implant is produced and shipped;
  3. Tooth removal and immediate implant placement at your family dentist in only one session.



We will soon announce campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that will enable us to build this system. Please support this effort, and be part of an historic revolution in dental implantology!



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Thank you for supporting this most innovative, non-surgical, CAD/CAM implant solution to the benefit of all patients.
In reality we are all patients more or less, sooner or later.