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Based in the center of Vienna, Austria, we have been working on the mass customization of anatomical implants for immediate implantology since 2005 to provide dentists and their patients around the world with the innovative RAI (Root Analogue Dental Implant) technology. This is much more than just copying a tooth and calling it "Drill Free". Wolfgang Pirker has been in private practice since 1992 and has been using these revolutionary root analog ceramic implants himself for over 17 years. The philosophy is simple: "First, do no harm". The goal is to maximize the outcome both functionally and aesthetically, and on the other hand, minimize multiple high-risk surgical procedures for the benefit of the patient. The only way to achieve this is to modify and thus traumatize the human body as little as possible by adapting the implant to the existing bone in the best possible way, taking into account the existing pathologies.
Less is more; the better the implant, the less surgery is required. Our replicated, truly anatomical implants can be placed completely without surgery, as they fit the specific patient perfectly.
With this method we achieve the best possible functional and esthetic results, with the least patient trauma, compared to traditional screw implants.

Despite the best functional and esthetic results, our team was unfortunately not able to find the right investors and industry partners able to penetrate the closed market of implantologists who prefer to make money with surgery rather than avoid surgery and the implant industry who prefer to sell simple screws at high prices rather than create CMD'S (Custom Medical Devices).

Anyway, in dentistry everything is customized and there is no reason why the implant base should not be customized as well.
Unless it would not work.

We can prove that it works!

By the way, any bet that there is no way to place an immediate implant with less surgical effort than the BioImplant solution.


Wolfgang Pirker MD DMD

 is a specialist in dental, oral and maxillofacial medicine as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Prof. Alfred Kocher MD PhD

acts as scientific advisor to the company. He heads the Heart Valve Program at the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Vienna.

Gerd Leser PhD

is a qualified lawyer and is responsible for Media and Investor Relations.

Amir Holjevac-Ansari

provides technical assistance.

Sarah Bernhart

is a certified dental assistant, and specializes in CAD/CAM modeling and website development.

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