Unfortunately we experienced incredible censorship on Wikipedia,15 years of constantly deleting everything about RAI'S (Root Analogue Dental Implants).

Wikipedia censors the science of root-analog dental implants even after many attempts over the last 50 years, supported by 16 scientific papers published in top international journals by various research teams around the world, by simply deleting the entire RAI page from Wikipedia. The worst thing that an encyclopedia can do, which in reality is only supposed to objectively reflect what is happening in this world, regardless of whether it is right, or wrong, good, or evil, yet deliberately falsifies scientific knowledge by exercising censorship and thus deceiving people.

The censorship of science, on whose behalf ever, is unbelievable, since Wikipedia does the opposite of what it claims to be.

"Internet portal with information on all fields of knowledge that is generally accessible and can be expanded and modified by the users themselves."

Dear Wikipedia, shame on you, you also illegally banned us from Wikipedia:

Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech. - Albert Einstein

Good news: 

Since April 2021, the original article about RAI (Root Analog Implants) on Wikipedia can finally be accessed again.

Let's see for how long …..

RAI on Wikipedia