Why is it not common?

There are many reasons. Firstly, a revolutionary technique destroys old and current strategies when this method is replaced by something completely new. No one wants his method to be destroyed by something new, so there is a natural resistance, even though it is simple and logical. 

There is a lot of experience and cutting edge technology necessary to make non-surgical implantology look so simple and primitive, for the benefit of patients and general dentists. In contrast, industry likes simple mass produced screws, and is not prepared to make mass customization. This is the reason industry is not interested in complex implant design. 

Industry likes industry experts promoting their products. If a general dentist can place an immediate dental implant, you don’t need experts any more. Implant experts like surgeries because that is what they are trained for. The more complicated operations there are, the better. Implant experts know that they will lose their privileged position if any general dentist is able to place an immediate dental implant with less risk and better esthetics.