What's Wrong With Screw-Type Implants?

Implant companies won’t tell you that screw-type implants are highly unnatural in form and color, and – most importantly – that they don’t even fit the tooth socket.

Even a single-rooted tooth is nearly twice as wide in one direction as in the other. A cylindrical screw implant cannot fit into a tooth socket without invasive surgery, such as:

  • Drilling into healthy bone;
  • Filling gaps between implant and bone either with bone or bone substitutes;
  • Sinus lift procedures, with all their invasive consequences…
  • Titanium screws are prone to periimplantitis and plaque accumulation leading to further interventions.

This technology has not progressed significantly in 60 years, leading to over a thousand screw type variations, instead of real innovation. Present immediate dental implant procedures are unnecessarily invasive, expensive, and inefficient, and esthetic outcome is highly unpredictable. To get a brief overview of the unbelievable variety of dental implants, just visit OSSEOsource or MedicalExpo.

We hope you are not paralyzed by choice – or do you know which implant fits you best? Don’t worry, your dentist will make you fit to any screw he has on his shelf, with some surgery…